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  • 03-28 16:24 really difficult 66

    update time: 2009-12-3 words: 6119 22:47:38 this chapter Mountains look LeiMu, openings, way: "the day LeiMu! You a god will, and I'm just da
  • 03-28 16:22 really difficult 60

    first god will and days of founding 'god' mountain! "Are wind!" God is still a face of micro, looking at SunFeng people, like the spirit
  • 03-28 16:21 really difficult 54

    tame monster beast. I can. But not other special skill. Only seriously." uniting SunFeng helpless touch your nose. "You see my teacher.
  • 03-28 16:16 really difficult 47

    t make sure you before. They are now the andaunty" Castle peak nod. This redeemed. For parents and sister them. And TengGuZhuang return yuan
  • 03-28 16:13 really difficult 41

    s small compared TengQingShan care... Perhaps because of a previous wife looks like with. Make TengQingShan so. But anyway. TengQingShan must recog

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